Editorial Procedure

Double-blind review procedure

The journal follows a double-blind reviewing procedure. Authors are therefore requested to place their name and affiliation on a separate page. Self-identifying citations and references in the article text should either be avoided or left blank when manuscripts are first submitted. Authors are responsible for reinserting self-identifying citations and references when manuscripts are prepared for final submission.

Signs and Symbols

Please indicate clearly the differences between 0 (zero) andO, o (the letters), between the number 1 and the letter l, between a and alpha, k and kappa, p and rho, u and mu, v and nu, n and eta, epsilon (ε) and element sign (∈), X and × (times), etc.

The use of the exponent 1/2 is preferred to √.

The author should also see to it that the level of subscripts, subscripts to subscripts, exponents as wellas exponents in exponents, cannot be misunderstood.

Fractions to be printed in the body of the text (not in display formulae) should make use of the solidus (e.g. a/b instead of a/b). The use of negative exponents (e.g. u-1 instead of 1/u will save both space and typesetting costs.

Attention should be paid to the consistent use of braces, brackets, and parentheses.