Special Issue Proposals

RISE has the ability to publish Special Issues with the maximum being one per year. It is expected that the guest editor(s) of with a potential special issue in mind will submit a proposal to the co-editors of RISE who will consult with the Editorial Board in a decision-making process.

The value and timelines of a special issue proposal will be considered against whether the issue addresses contemporary concerns in science education in an innovative and timely way. How the special issue aligns with the aims and scope of RISE needs to be explained.

The special issue proposal should include:

· Statement of overall aims and rationale

· Contribution to the field

· Rationale for the selection of papers

· Scope of topics under proposed theme

· Logistical considerations (e.g., approach to call, timelines)

· Appropriateness for RISE

Proposals for special issues will be accepted at any time and considered on a rolling basis. It is highly recommended to run your ideas past the editors before fully committing to the development of a proposal. They may offer additional insights and/or point out areas of potential concern.

Please see the attached document for further information and details.

Proposals should be submitted to info@asera.org.au