Editor’s Monthly Choice

Each month, the Executive Editor selects two recently published articles that exemplify the best qualities of our journal: genuinely international scholarship on the theory and practice of lifelong learning, supporting and promoting the development of sustainable learning societies. These two articles may be downloaded and shared free of charge or subscription during the two months of their promotion. In addition, the two articles chosen for the previous month remain available for one additional month.

February 2021 (free to access until 31 March):

Cameroonian responses to COVID-19 in the education sector: Exposing an inadequate education system 
Emmanuel Béché  

Academic conferencing in the age of COVID-19 and climate crisis: The case of the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) 
Janna Goebel, Caroline Manion, Zsuzsa Millei, Robyn Read and Iveta Silova 

March 2021 (free to access until 30 April)

Education in uncertainty: Academic life as Indigenous health scholars during COVID-19
Tracey Galloway, Andrea Bowra, Tenzin Butsang and Angela Mashford-Pringle

Preparing education for the crises of tomorrow: A framework for adaptability
Crystal Green, Laurelyn Mynhier, Jonathan Banfill, Phillip Edwards, Jungwon Kim and Richard Desjardins