Editor’s Monthly Choice

Each month, the Executive Editor selects two recently published articles that exemplify the best qualities of our journal: genuinely international scholarship on the theory and practice of lifelong learning, supporting and promoting the development of sustainable learning societies. These two articles may be downloaded and shared free of charge or subscription during the two months of their promotion. In addition, the two articles chosen for the previous month remain available for one additional month.

Free to access until 31 August

Factors predicting participation in higher education in Malaysia
Intan H.M. Hashim, Seyed Reza Alvani, Suzanna Awang Bono, Norzarina Mohd Zaharim, Premalatha Karupiah, Nor Hafizah Selamat and Fauziah Md Taib

Wider benefits of adult literacy teaching: A preliminary exploration of the impact of teaching literacy to adults on some facilitators
Alan Rogers and Abiy Menkir Gizaw

Volume 68, issue 2, April 2022
Special issue on Strengthening the future of adult education and lifelong learning for all: Building bridges between CONFINTEA and the SDGs