Read and share influential RESB articles published during the last 10 years

We are celebrating RESB’s most influential articles published over the past 10 years. We perused all articles published in RESB from January 2010 to December 2020 to select some of the most innovative and important ones and promote one article per month by including the Shareable Link


Sustainable biogas mitigation and value-added resources recovery using methanotrophs intergrated into wastewater treatment plants
Authors: Ahmed AlSayed, Ahmed Fergala & Ahmed Eldyasti
Rev Environ Sci Biotechnol 17:351–393 (2018)
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Commercial application of microalgae other than as biofuels: a brief review
Author: John J. Milledge
Rev Environ Sci Biotechnol 10:31–41 (2011)
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A review of sustainable sanitation systems in Africa
Authors: Irene Nansubuga, Noble Banadda, Willy Verstraete & Korneel Rabaey
Rev Environ Sci Biotechnol 15: 465-478 (2016)
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Flow and sediment transport in vegetated waterways: a review
Authors: A. Montakhab, B. Yusuf, A.H. Ghazali & T.A. Mohamed
Rev Environ Sci Biotechnol 11: 275–287 (2012)
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Mechanism leading to N2O production in wastewater treating biofilm systems
Authors: D. Todt & P. Dorsch (2016) Mechanism leading to N2O production in wastewater treating biofilm systems.
Rev Environ Sci Biotechnol 15: 355–378 (2016)
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Air quality indices: a review
Authors: A. Plaia & M. Ruggieri (2011) Air quality indices: a review.
Rev Environ Sci Biotechnol 10:165–17 (2010)
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Microbial pectinase: sources, characterization and applications
Authors: Nevadita Sharma, Madhu Rathore & Mukesh Sharma
Rev Environ Sci Biotechnol 12: 45-60 (2013)
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Valorization of wastes from the rose oil industry
Authors: Anton Slavov, Ivelina Vasileva, Lyubomir Stefanov & Albena Stoyanova
Rev Environ Sci Biotechnol 16: 309–325 (2017)
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Bioenergy from anaerobic degradation of lipids in palm oil mill effluent
Authors: Anwar Ahmad, Rumana Ghufran & Zularisam Abd. Wahid
Rev Environ Sci Biotechnol 10: 353-376 (2011)
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Soil metaproteomics as a tool for monitoring functional microbial communities: promises and challenges
Authors: T.V. Abiraami, Surender Singh & Lata Nain
Rev Environ Sci Biotechnol 19: 73-102 (2020)
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Evaluation of potential of molecular and physical techniques in studying biodeterioration
Authors: Tikam Chand Dakal & Pankaj Kumar Arora
Rev Environ Sci Biotechnol 11: 71-104 (2012)
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