Free Trail Access: RAST's Most-Cited Papers

For a limited time, the RAST Journal will be offering our most cited papers of 2019 via Springer's Free Trail Access Program. No sign-up or subscription is necessary.

To view the papers, follow us @RASTJournal on Twitter. The following papers will be available for download for the next five weeks:

The impact of narrative disclosure readability on bond ratings and the cost of debt
Bonsall, Samuel B.; Miller, Brian P.

Military experience and corporate tax avoidance
Law, Kelvin K. F.; Mills, Lillian F.

Corporate investment and changes in GAAP
Shroff, Nemit

The taxman cometh: Does tax uncertainty affect corporate cash holdings?
Hanlon, Michelle; Maydew, Edward L.; Saavedra, Daniel

Has goodwill accounting gone bad?
Li, Kevin K.; Sloan, Richard G.