Aims and scope

Radiophysics and Quantum Electronics contains the most recent and best Russian research on topics such as:

  • Radio astronomy;
  • Plasma astrophysics;
  • Ionospheric, atmospheric and oceanic physics;
  • Radiowave propagation;
  • Quantum radiophysics;
  • Pphysics of oscillations and waves;
  • Physics of plasmas;
  • Statistical radiophysics;
  • Electrodynamics;
  • Vacuum and plasma electronics;
  • Acoustics;
  • Solid-state electronics.

Radiophysics and Quantum Electronics is a translation of the Russian journal Izvestiya VUZ. Radiofizika, published by the Radiophysical Research Institute and N.I. Lobachevsky State University at Nizhnii Novgorod, Russia. The Russian volume-year is published in English beginning in April.
All articles are peer-reviewed.