Public Choice Society 2021 Conference

Free Access to the following articles celebrating the Tullock and Black award winners:

The Duncan Black Prize for the best article contributed by senior scholars:
Pot and ladle: a formula for estimating the distribution of seats under the Jefferson–D’Hondt method
Jarosław Flis, Wojciech Słomczyński, and Dariusz Stolicki

The Gordon Tullock Prize for the best article contributed by a younger scholar:
Political connections, political favoritism and political competition: evidence from the granting of building permits by French mayors
Christophe Lévêque

See here for all previous years winners. 

The conference would also like to highlight the below articles:

Is civic duty the solution to the paradox of voting?
Abel François & Olivier Gergaud 

Titles for me but not for thee: transitional gains trap of property rights extension in Colombia
Perry Ferrell 

Giuseppe Eusepi and Richard E. Wagner: Public debt: an illusion of democratic political economy
Alexander William Salter

János Kornai, the Austrians, and the political and economic analysis of socialism
Peter J. Boettke & Rosolino A. Candela 

Marx after Kornai
Amartya Sen 

1956 in Hungary: as I saw it then and as I see it now
János Kornai 

Behavioral symmetry, rent seeking, and the Republic of Science
Diana W. Thomas & Michael D. Thomas