Best Paper Awards

The editors of Public Choice are pleased to announce their selections for the best papers published during calendar year 2020.

The Duncan Black Prize for the best article contributed by a senior scholar or scholars is awarded jointly to Jarosław Flis, Wojciech Słomczyński, and Dariusz Stolicki (Jagiellonian University) for:

"Pot and ladle: a formula for estimating the distribution of seats under the Jefferson–D’Hondt method
Public Choice 182.1-2 (January 2020)

The Gordon Tullock Prize for the best article contributed by a younger scholar or scholars is awarded to Christophe Lévêque (Université de Bordeaux) for: 

"Political connections, political favoritism and political competition: evidence from the granting of building permits by French mayors"
Public Choice 184.1-2 (July 2020) 

The prizes carry honoraria of $1,000 each. The honorarium for the Duncan Black Prize is funded by the Public Choice Society; SpringerNature, the publisher of Public Choice, funds the honorarium for the Gordon Tullock Prize.

Previous Winners of the Duncan Black Prize and the Gordon Tullock Prize:

2019 Duncan Black Prize
Is Civic Duty the Solution to the Paradox of Voting?”
Abel Francois & Olivier Gergaud

2019 Tullock Prize
Titles for Me but not for Thee: Transitional Gains Trap of Property Rights Extension in Colombia
Perry Ferrell

2018 Duncan Black Prize
Distributive Politics and Congressional Voting: Public Lands in the Jacksonian Era
Sean Gailmard & Jeffery A. Jenkins

2018 Tullock Prize
The Lightship in Economics
Rosolino A. Candela & Vincent J. Geloso

2017 Duncan Black Prize
The Supermajority Core of the US Senate and the Failure to Join the League of Nations
Gyung-Ho Jeong

2017 Tullock Prize
The Downsides of Information Transmission and Voting
Keith E. Schnakenberg

2016 Duncan Black Prize
Ballot Order Effects in Direct Democracy Elections
John G. Matsusaka

2016 Tullock Prize
Interjurisdictional Competition and the Married Women’s Property Acts
Jayme S. Lemke