Aims and scope

In our first issue, published in 1972, we explained that this Journal is intended to promote the free and vigorous exchange of ideas and experience among the worldwide community actively concerned with transportation policy, planning and practice. That continues to be our mission, with a clear focus on topics concerned with research and practice in transportation policy and planning, around the world.

These four words, policy and planning, research and practice are our key words. While we have a particular focus on transportation policy analysis and travel behaviour in the context of ground transportation, we willingly consider all good quality papers that are highly relevant to transportation policy, planning and practice with a clear focus on innovation, on extending the international pool of knowledge and understanding. Our interest is not only with transportation policies - and systems and services – but also with their social, economic and environmental impacts, However, papers about the application of established procedures to, or the development of plans or policies for, specific locations are unlikely to prove acceptable unless they report experience which will be of real benefit those working elsewhere. Papers concerned with the engineering, safety and operational management of transportation systems are outside our scope.

Papers submitted for publication in Transportation should not have been published, accepted for publication, nor submitted for review elsewhere (whether previously or concurrently), in their present or any essentially similar form. If a paper has been submitted for publication elsewhere, the authors must provide details of that previous submission. Further, authors need to make clear the distinctive contribution of their paper relative to both their own previous work and that of others.

Papers published in Transportation are initially assessed for length and relevance. Papers considered suitable for review are then subjected to peer review in accordance with standard international practice for scholarly journals. They are only accepted for publication once the authors have responded adequately to advice given by the referees. Publication of a paper in Transportation therefore accords with the requirements of academic appointment and promotion panels.

Officially cited as: Transportation