Call for Papers: Enhanced Natural Climate Solutions (NCS+) Special Issue

CALL FOR PAPERS: Enhanced Natural Climate Solutions (NCS+) Special Issue

Plant and Soil is seeking submissions for a Special Issue on Enhanced Natural Climate Solutions (NCS+) guest edited by Lucas Silva. Submissions close on 30 April 2021.

All manuscript will be peer-reviewed by 2-3 independent reviewers and handled by the Guest Editor, in collaboration with the Journal’s Section Editors. Special issue papers accepted for publication in the special issue will be available online within a couple of weeks after acceptance, and before inclusion in the special issue.

Natural climate solutions (NCS) have been widely proposed as a pathway to achieve climate stability through land conservation, restoration, and management measures that remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere. However, the rates of CO2 removal through NCS are slow compared to those of anthropogenic emissions. Natural processes alone are unlikely to achieve what is needed in time and new approaches are needed to accelerate climate response efforts. This special issue will welcome reviews, research papers, and modelling studies that examine new ideas for Enhanced Natural Climate Solutions (NCS+).  

Papers on NCS+ should focus on mechanisms that could increase the rates of carbon dioxide removal and/or its permanence on land, rather than simply offsetting emissions. We will also consider papers focusing on plant-soil interactions as well as socio-economic incentives that could accelerate NCS+ adoption to build climate resilience in natural and human-engineered systems. We encourage authors to consider emerging interdisciplinary developments about trade-offs and co-benefits that might be used to incentivise climate response efforts across multiple spatiotemporal scales. We are particularly interested in scalable NCS+ projects that maximize carbon gains while improving environmental quality, biodiversity protection, and social justice in vulnerable regions. 

Examples of NCS+ studies include: the use of artificial intelligence to prioritize land use and restoration of degraded ecosystems; plant breeding and soil microbiome research for accelerated organic and inorganic carbon storage through bedrock weathering; landscape design for conservation and restoration of irrecoverable carbon sinks; urban planning to increase carbon capture and build resilience to catastrophic disturbances such as floods, landslides, and wildfire; and integrated assessments of carbon-water-biodiversity co-benefits that amplify traditional knowledge toward multi-generational climate mitigation projects. 

Important Submission Information:
To submit a manuscript for this special issue, authors should follow the steps below:
A) Authors submit their paper through the following website
B) In the ‘Select an Article Type’ step, authors must select Special Issue S88 – NCS+ from the dropdown menu.
C) In the ‘Enter Comments’ step, authors must type the following comment in the box: This manuscript is intended for Special Issue S88 – NCS+. Other comments related to the manuscript may be added after the aforementioned paragraph.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact the Editor in Chief Hans Lambers ( or Managing Editor Lieve Bultynck (