Call for papers: Molecular Biology of Chemical Defenses

Invitations for contributions are now open for a special issue entitled “Molecular Biology of Chemical Defenses”. Chemicals are the primary means plants use to cope with and thrive in a diverse environment. Innumerous studies have been carried out to probe the ingenuity of plants’ use of chemistry, sometimes as direct weapons and other times as signals. This issue is to provide some of the most recent developments related to the topic of plant chemical defenses. We invite broad areas of research covering both basic and applied plant sciences at the levels ranging from single molecules to organismal and evolutionary scale studies, as well as those involving responses to abiotic and biotic stresses, using either model or non-model plant species. Research leading the advancement of new technologies and cutting-edge tools are also welcome. Regular research papers, as well as short letters, full and mini reviews, and methods papers will all be considered for publication.

To be included in this edition, manuscripts should be submitted by the end of August 2021 through the regular submission site of PMB. All manuscripts will be subject to standard peer review. Accepted manuscripts will be published online within about ten days upon acceptance. Finally, publishing a manuscript is free of charge unless it is Open Access. We look forward to your contributions!

Guest Editors

Gen-ichiro Arimura and Abraham J. Koo