Call for papers: Molecular Biology of Mosses

Contributions are now invited for a special issue entitled “Molecular Biology of Mosses”. It is intended to provide an overview of recent progress made in plant biology using the model moss Physcomitrium patens (Physcomitrella patens), but also other mosses such as Funaria hygrometricaCeratodon purpureusBryum argenteum or Sphagnum fallax. The issue will cover various fields of both basic and applied plant sciences in the contemporary life science era. These include but are not restricted to molecular biology, cell biology, organelle biology, genome biology, computational or systems biology, and biotechnology to understand plant development, growth, stress responses, physiology, and evolution. Regular papers, as well as short communications, reviews, perspective papers, and methods papers will be considered.

Manuscripts intended for publication in this special issue should be submitted before the end of November 2020 through the regular submission site of PMB. Submitted manuscripts will be subject to standard peer review and evaluation. Accepted manuscripts will be published online immediately after acceptance. Finally, publishing a manuscript is free of charge unless it is Open Access. We look forward to your contributions!

Tomomichi Fujita, Fabien Nogue, Daisuke Takezawa, Luis Vidali, Stefan Rensing