R.R. Martin, Iowa State University: Extremal graph theory; extremal poset theory; probabilistic combinatorics

Editorial Board:

K. Adaricheva, Hofstra University: Semidistributive lattices; convex geometries and antimatroids; lattices of classes and theories; lattices in knowledge representation, AI and combinatorics

R. Aharoni, Technion, Israel Institute for Technology: Matching theory, in particular in hypergraphs; duality; topological methods in combinatorics

M. Aschenbrenner, University of Vienna: Ordered algebraic structures; interactions between the theory of ordered sets and mathematical logic

M. Axenovich, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology: Ramsey and anti-Ramsey type problems in graphs, integers, partially ordered sets; extremal problems in graphs

N. Dobrinen, University of Notre Dame: Set theory, infinite combinatorics, and Boolean algebras

D. Duffus, Emory University: Combinatorics of partially ordered sets, set systems and finite lattices; homomorphisms of relational systems

M. Erné, Leibniz University: Combinatorics of finite orders; distributivity, continuous lattices and domains; adjunctions and duality; order, topology and closure

D. Feichtner-Kozlov, University of Bremen: Topological properties of partially ordered sets

S. Felsner, Technical University Berlin: Graph theory, discrete geometry, ordered sets, particularly dimension, related parameters and containment orders

R. Freese, University of Hawaii: Modular and semidistributive lattices, free lattices, congruence lattices; lattice algorithms

M. Grabisch, University Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris School of Economics: Lattices, polyhedral and order polytopes, applications to human sciences

J. Griggs, University of South Carolina: Combinatorics of partially ordered sets, especially families of subsets; extremal and structural problems; Sperner theory

G. Gutin, Royal Holloway, University of London: Combinatorial structures and algorithms, in particular digraph theory and algorithms

J. Harding, New Mexico State University: Lattices and ordered algebraic structures, particularly completions, and structures arising in logic, topology, and theoretical physics

P. Jipsen, Chapman University: Lattice theory

J. Kahn, Rutgers University: Probabilistic and other non-combinatorial methods; linear extensions

K. Kearnes, University of Colorado: Lattice theory; ordered algebraic structures

A. Kostochka, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Graphs; digraphs and set systems; dimension of partially ordered sets.

C. Laflamme, University of Calgary: Set theory; infinite combinatorics and orders

B. Larose, Champlain College and Lacim-Uqam: Complexity and digraph homomorphisms; algebraic and topological aspects of posets and digraphs

L. Lu, University of South Carolina: Large information networks; probabilistic methods; spectral graph theory; random graphs; extremal problems on hypergraphs and posets; algorithms; graph theory

D. Mubayi, University of Illinois at Chicago: Extremal and probabilistic questions on all finite structures, including graphs, partially ordered sets and hypergraphs
J. Picado, University of Coimbra: Order and topology, point-free topology, frames and locales; adjunctions and dualities; Heyting algebras and quantales; lattices and ordered algebraic structures

N. Reading, North Carolina State University: Partial orders arising in combinatorics, particularly in relation to coxeter groups and cluster algebras; semidistributive lattices arising in combinatorics and representation theory
S. Saurabh, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, India: algorithms, particularly graph algorithms, parameterized complexity, and exact exponential time algorithms

S. Shahriari, Pomona College: Combinatorics of subset and subspace lattices, normalized matching posets, and related areas.
J. Stembridge
, University of Michigan: Enumerative and combinatorial aspects of partially ordered sets

G. Tardos, Rényi Institute of Mathematics, Budapest: Combinatorics; discrete and computational geometry; complexity theory

B. Tenner, DePaul University: Enumerative and combinatorial aspects of partially ordered sets; posets related to Coxeter groups, permutations, and patterns

W.T. Trotter, Georgia Institute of Technology: Extremal problems for graphs and posets; on-line algorithms, approximation algorithms; Ramsey theory; discrete geometry and optimization

D.B. West, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Extremal and structural problems for partially ordered sets; connections to graph theory

M. Yoshinaga, Osaka University: Hyperplane arrangements; geometric, topological, and algebraic aspects of posets

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