Call for Papers: Quantum technology, Quantum walks and quantum image processing: Emerging Trends, Issues and Challenges

Quantum computation is a rapidly growing field and lots of breakthroughs have been achieved during the past decades. Quantum computation is transitioning from an emerging branch of science into a mature research field in science and engineering.

Quantum image processing (QIP) is primarily devoted to using quantum computing and quantum information processing to create and work with quantum images.  Due to some of the astounding properties inherent to quantum computation, notably entanglement and parallelism, it is anticipated that QIP technologies will offer capabilities and performances that are, as yet, unrivalled by their traditional equivalents. These improvements could be in terms of computing speed, guaranteed security, and minimal storage requirements, etc.

Quantum walks, the quantum mechanical counterpart of classical random walks, is an advanced tool for building quantum algorithms that has been recently shown to constitute a universal model of quantum computation. Additionally, quantum walks may be employed to develop quantum cryptography protocols as well as quantum networks. Quantum walks is now a solid field of research of quantum computation full of exciting open problems for physicists, computer scientists and engineers.

In this SI, authors present theoretical and fundamental research on the potential and limitations of quantum technology and quantum image processing, and explore how to achieve secure communication and image processing in the presence of quantum technologies. The ranges of usage are oriented to the new merging technology such as cloud mobile/ubiquitous computing, Internet of Things, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, privacy-aware computing, hybrid human-machine computing, blockchain and distributed ledgers technology.  

Original contributions are solicited in relevant areas including, but not limited to:

  • Quantum-based secure communication schemes
  • Quantum–based encryption and data hiding including watermarking and steganography
  • Quantum authentication protocols
  • Quantum blockchain
  • Quantum technology for big data analytics
  • Quantum technology for secure IoT applications
  • Quantum machine learning
  • Quantum image processing and enhancements (image encoding, edge detection, image segmentation, etc.)
  • Concise state-of-the-art reviews on the relevant topic could be accepted
  • Development of classical software for simulating and testing quantum image processing techniques
  • New quantum image representations
  • Quantum walks-based cryptography and image processing


Paper Submission: 25 January 2022
Revision/Acceptance Notification: 25 February 2022
Revised Manuscript Due: 15 April 2022
Publication: As per EIC’s choice  


The submitted article must be original, unpublished and not currently reviewed by other journals. Authors must mention in their cover letter for each Special Issue manuscript that the particular manuscript is for the theme and name of Guest Editors of Special Issue consideration so that the Guest Editors can be notified separately. Please visit, when submitting your paper please select the article type "S.I.: Quantum Technology" 


Dr. Ahmed A. Abd El-Latif (Leading Guest Editor)  
Associate Professor, Menoufia University, Egypt

Prof. Salvador E. Venegas-Andraca
Professor of Computer Science and head of the Quantum Information Processing group at Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico