Top Cited Articles in NODY

Generation and control of multiple solitons under the influence of parameters   
Liu, Xiaoyan; Triki, Houria; Zhou, Qin; Mirzazadeh, Mohammad; Liu, Wenjun; Biswas, Anjan; Belic, Milivoj

Electric load forecasting by complete ensemble empirical mode decomposition adaptive noise and support vector regression with quantum-based dragonfly algorithm       
Zhang, Zichen; Hong, Wei-Chiang

ELECTRE II method to deal with probabilistic linguistic term sets and its application to edge computing
Lin, Mingwei; Chen, Zheyu; Liao, Huchang; Xu, Zeshui

Interaction properties of solitonics in inhomogeneous optical fibers         
Liu, Wenjun; Zhang, Yujia; Triki, Houria; Mirzazadeh, Mohammad; Ekici, Mehmet; Zhou, Qin; Biswas, Anjan; Belic, Milivoj

One-soliton shaping and inelastic collision between double solitons in the fifth-order variable-coefficient Sawada-Kotera equation              
Osman, M. S.

One-soliton shaping and two-soliton interaction in the fifth-order variable-coefficient nonlinear Schrodinger equation               
Yang, Chunyu; Liu, Wenjun; Zhou, Qin; Mihalache, Dumitru; Malomed, Boris A.

Model electrical activity of neuron under electric field    
Ma, Jun; Zhang, Ge; Hayat, Tasawar; Ren, Guodong

Observer-based adaptive neural tracking control for output-constrained switched MIMO nonstrict-feedback nonlinear systems with unknown dead zone           
Ma, Li; Huo, Xin; Zhao, Xudong; Zong, Guang Deng

Phase-shift controlling of three solitons in dispersion-decreasing fibers  
Liu, Suzhi; Zhou, Qin; Biswas, Anjan; Liu, Wenjun

Coexisting multi-stable patterns in memristor synapse-coupled Hopfield neural network with two neurons           
Chen, Chengjie; Chen, Jingqi; Bao, Han; Chen, Mo; Bao, Bocheng