Aims and scope

Nonlinear Dynamics provides a forum for the rapid publication of original research in the field of nonlinear dynamics.
The scope of the journal encompasses all nonlinear dynamic phenomena associated with mechanical, structural, civil, aeronautical, ocean, electrical and control engineering systems. Research is welcome from new emerging fields such as network dynamics, biosystem dynamics, ecosystem or social dynamics. Review articles and original contributions based on analytical, computational, and experimental methods are solicited, dealing with such topics as

Computational techniques, perturbation methods, local/global methods, efficient algorithms, parallel processing, computational intelligence
Nonlinear resonances, modal interactions, stochastic resonance, coherence resonance, noise and stochastic disturbance
Reduced-order modeling
Experimental dynamics
Nonlinear control systems, synchronization, nonlinear vibration control
Nonlinear dynamics for design, harnessing from nonlinearities
Nonlinear wave propagation in discrete/continuous media, pattern formation/selection in spatio-temporal systems
Nonsmooth dynamics, systems with time and/or space delays
Fractional-order system dynamics
Nonlinear time series, multiscale/multidimensional analysis, entropy/complexity measures, complexity in engineering
Nonlinear system identification, parametric, data-driven, neural networks, artificial intelligence
Micro/nanosystems, nanomaterials, multi-sensors, multi-actuators, nonlinear data fusion
Material nonlinearities and the role of damping
Composite/nanocomposites, adaptive, multifunctional, metamaterial, morphing structures
Rigid/flexible multibody system dynamics, impact and contact
Fluid/structure interaction
Multi-scale/multi-physics dynamics
Chaos and applications such as cryptography/encryption
Ecosystem dynamics, virus propagation models and control, population dynamics, social media dynamics
Network dynamics, multi-agent systems, leader-follower dynamics, swarm dynamics, biological networks dynamics
Nonlinear circuits, neural circuits, memristor and Josephson junctions, computational neuroscience, model setting for biophysical problems.

Nonlinear Dynamics publishes also Feature articles which discuss broader scientific areas of current interest in greater depth. Quality and scope of the research, clarity and breadth of the exposition and novelty and societal impact of the findings are key aspects of a Feature article. These articles are intended to broaden the readers' professional interests while keeping them aware of the fundamental role that nonlinear dynamics plays in the scientific arena.