Aims and scope

Natural Hazards is devoted to original research work on all aspects of natural hazards, the forecasting of catastrophic events, their risk management, and the nature of precursors of natural and/or technological hazards.

Although the origin of hazards can be different sources and systems (atmospheric, hydrologic, oceanographic, volcanologic, seismic, neotectonic), the environmental impacts are equally catastrophic. This circumstance warrants a tight interaction between the different scientific and operational disciplines, which should enhance the mitigation of hazards.

Hazards of interest to the journal are included in the following sections: general, atmospheric, climatological, oceanographic, storm surges, tsunamis, floods, snow, avalanches, landslides, erosion, earthquakes, volcanoes, man-made, technological, and risk assessment. The interactions between these hazards and society are also addressed in the journal and include risk governance, disaster response and preventive actions such as spatial planning and remedial measures.