For Authors and Editors

Types of papers

The types of papers with word counts provided in brackets include:

  1. original research papers (8,000);2.) short communications (4,000);
  2. review articles (8,000);4) invited reviews (10,000) and5) perspective (2,000).

Original research papers report results of a full-blown scientific study where conclusions are based on significant findings after thorough evaluation of the topic. Short communications present significant findings from tangential investigations that are offshoots from larger studies or from early results that will have to be confirmed through further study. Review articles provide a critical synthesis of an important current topic and develop new perspectives of broad scientific interest. Research papers, short communications, and reviews will be reviewed by a coordinating editor and two reviewers. Perspective papers provide a brief commentary on subject matter relevant to the journal audience, which will be reviewed by the Editor-In-Chief and, if necessary, one other reviewer.

The word count should include title, abstract, keywords, body of the text, figures, and tables but excluding authors affiliations, references and on-line supplementary material.

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