Top 10 Downloaded Articles 2021

We want to thank the authors of our most-downloaded articles in 2021, and highlight to our readers some of the most impactful research to have published in the journal. We hope that you will find the data interesting.

Optimizing wheel profiles and suspensions for railway vehicles operating on specific lines to reduce wheel wear: a case study, by 
Yunguang Ye, Yu Sun, Shiping Dongfang, Dachuan Shi & Markus Hecht 

Comparing double-step and penalty-based semirecursive formulations for hydraulically actuated multibody systems in a monolithic approach, by 
Suraj Jaiswal, Jarkko Rahikainen, Qasim Khadim, Jussi Sopanen & Aki Mikkola 

Detailed wheel/rail geometry processing with the conformal contact approach, by 
Edwin Vollebregt

Time integration of rigid bodies modelled with three rotation parameters, by 
Stefan Holzinger & Johannes Gerstmayr 

Three-dimensional beam element for pre- and post-buckling analysis of thin-walled beams in multibody systems, by 
J. B. Jonker

Fiber-based modeling and simulation of skeletal muscles, by 
M. H. Gfrerer & B. Simeon 

Stability of rigid body motion through an extended intermediate axis theorem: application to rockfall simulation, by 
Remco I. Leine, Giuseppe Capobianco, Perry Bartelt, Marc Christen & Andrin Caviezel 

Generation of realistic saddle trajectories from captured horseback motion, by 
Jakob Ziegler, Hubert Gattringer & Andreas Müller 

Integrated vibration suppression attitude control for flexible spacecrafts with internal liquid sloshing, by 
Andrea Colagrossi & Michèle Lavagna 

Closed-form time derivatives of the equations of motion of rigid body systems, by 
Andreas Müller & Shivesh Kumar