Track 3: Biometrics and HCI

Editor: Fabio Narducci
University of Salerno, Italy

Multimedia Tools and Applications announces a new track dedicated to the use of biometric techniques for a new vision of Human-Computer interaction interfaces (HCI). Traditionally, hard-biometrics is used for authentication purposes but soft-biometrics, including physical and behavioral characteristics, can provide useful clues to better adapt the H/C interface to its users. Moreover, in the era of IoT, the multitude of wearable sensors, smartwatches and other similar devices form a rich instrument set that may propose an endless class of self-adaptive styles of interaction tailored on the behavioral patterns of the user.

Topics of interest include, but are not restricted to, adaptive user interfaces through:

  • Soft biometrics analysis
  • Expression/Emotion recognition Activity recognition 
  • Natural language processing (NLP)
  • Wearable sensor analysis
  • Brain-Computer Interfaces
  • Design and evaluation of Innovative Interactive System
  • Interaction in mobile and embedded systems

Submission Guidelines Authors should prepare their manuscript according to the Instructions for Authors available from the Multimedia Tools and Applications website. Authors should submit through the online submission site at and select “Track 3: Biometrics and HCI” when they reach the “Article Type” step in the submission process. Submitted papers should present original, unpublished work, relevant to the topics of the track. All submitted papers will be evaluated on the basis of relevance, significance of contribution, technical quality, scholarship, and quality of presentation, by at least three independent reviewers. It is the policy of the journal that no submission, or substantially overlapping submission, be published or be under review at another journal or conference at any time during the review process.