Call for Papers: Advances of machine learning in data analytics and visual information processing [1166]

Aim and Scope: 

Data Analytics and Visual Information processing are major fields of Computer Science & Engineering and Electrical & Electronic Engineering, which have attracted the interests of scientists and researchers in soft-computing research. Current research trends are increasingly based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Machine learning in data analytics and visual information processing are rapidly gaining importance, attracting more and more interests from both academia and industry because of the support of computing capabilities as well as the sensing technology. They include a wide and evergrowing variety of optimization and machine learning algorithms, which are applied to widespread and some of the open research problems in the fields of image processing and vision, biometrics, speech and handwriting recognition, natural language processing, and even medical diagnostics and systems development.
The overall aim of this special issue is to bring together state-of-the-art contributions on latest research and developments, challenges, in the field of machine learning in data analytics and visual information processing.  


The topics relevant to the special issue include (but are not limited to) the following topics:  

Methodologies and Techniques  

  • Deep learning for data analytics
  • Compressive Sensing
  • Pattern recognition for imaging and genomics
  • Machine Learning algorithms for data analytics
  • Computer Vision
  • Big Data Analytics on biomedical applications
  • Information Retrieval techniques for data analytics
  • Quantum Information Processing 


  • Medical Imaging
  • Biomedical Signal Processing
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Speech and Audio Processing
  • Image & Video Processing
  • Remote Sensing
  • Molecular Imaging
  • Computational genomics
  • Quantum Image Processing 

Guest Editors:  

1. Dr. M. Tanveer (Lead Guest Editor) Associate Professor and Ramanujan Fellow
Discipline of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology Indore, Email:, Website: 
2. Professor Partha Pratim Sahu
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Tezpur University, Assam, India - 784 028, Email:, Website: 
3. Dr. Bhabesh Deka, Associate Professor  
Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering, School of Engineering, Tezpur University, Napaam, Tezpur-784028, Assam, India, E-mail:, Website: 
4. Dr. Arijit Sur, Associate Professor
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, Email:, Website: 

Important Dates:  

Special Issue Start:              January 1, 2020
Submission Deadline:          April 30, 2020
First Round of Review:       Maximum 3 months after submission date
Revised Paper Submission: Maximum 1 month after first review
Final Notification:               Maximum 2 months after resubmission
Closing Date:                       September 30, 2020 

Submission Guideline:  

This special issue considers only original articles on any of the above topics or closely related disciplines in the context of machine learning in data analytics and visual information processing. It will consider outstanding papers that are "major value-added extensions" of papers accepted in the 8th International Conference in Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence (PReMI) 2019. These extensions should contribute at least 30% new original work. In this case, authors will need to identify in a separate document the list of extensions over their conference paper.  
The Special Issue is also open to submissions from interested authors but not related to PReMI 2019. Authors are encouraged to submit high-quality, original work which may significantly contribute to opening up new and potentially important areas of research and development that has neither appeared in, nor under consideration by, other journals. 

Authors should prepare their manuscript according to the Submission Guidelines/Instructions for Authors available from the Multimedia Tools and Applications website (
Authors should submit through the online submission site at and select “SI 1166: Advances of machine learning in data analytics and visual information processing” when they reach the “Article Type” step in the submission process. Submitted papers should present original, unpublished work, relevant to one of the topics of the Special Issue. All submitted papers will be evaluated on the basis of relevance, significance of contribution, technical quality, scholarship, and quality of presentation, by at least three independent reviewers. It is the policy of the journal that no submission, or substantially overlapping submission, be published or be under review at another journal or conference at any time during the review process.