Call for Papers: Modern Cyber-Physical System in Blockchain and its Applications


Modern cyber-physical systems (CPS) are smart compound systems engineered through seamless integration of cyber and physical sub-systems or components and/or pre-existing component cyber-physical systems, so that they appear and operate as a coherent single unit in relation to the external world (to other systems). The sub-system integration involves both an optimized spatial arrangement of the sub-systems, as well as, a seamless interconnection, and guaranteed real-time, safe and secure communication and collaboration of the subsystems.

Blockchain has received increasing attention from academia and industry in recent years. It enables transparent interactions of different parties in a more secure and trusted network. The traceability of blockchain allows data to be retained on the blockchain from every step of the data generation process, to endorse the quality of the data and to ensure the correctness of data analysis and mining.

This Special Issue focus on these setting and we feel this topic will appeal to all those researchers/academician who are working in cyber physical systems and blockchain technology


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following scope:

  • Modern cyber physical systems in block chain healthcare sector.
  • Modern cyber physical system for blockchain in networking and edge/fog/cloud technologies
  • Modern cyber physical system for Security, privacy, and trust of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies
  • Modern cyber physical system in blockchain for optimization in internet of wearable things
  • Pervasive computing in blockchain enabled enhanced IoT ecosystem security
  • Blockchain in industrial cyber physical system for embedded machine learning industry 4.0 applications.

Important Dates

  • Manuscript submission deadline: 30 December 2021
  • Notification of acceptance: 30 March 2022
  • Submission of final revised paper: 30 April 2022 
  • Publication of special issue (tentative): 30 December 2022

Submission Procedure

Authors should follow the WINET Journal manuscript format described at the journal site. Manuscripts should be submitted on-line through

A copy of the manuscript should also be emailed to the Guest Editors at the following email address(es):

Guest Editors:

Prof. Dr. Sundhararajan (Managing Guest Editor)

Bharath University, India



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Dr. Mahasweta Sarkar

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,

San Diego State University, USA, 


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