Call for Papers

A full list of all current calls for papers and open special issues is available.

Advanced network security: methods and applications

AI-assisted Solutions for COVID-19 and Biomedical Applications in Smart-Cities (AISCOVID-19 2020)

Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Communications network

Artificial Intelligence and Technology: Trend, Challenges, and Opportunities

Big Data in Intelligent Information Systems (BDCC 2020)

Data management, processes, and applications in online environments (Dione 2021)

Digitization of Organizations: Towards a New Paradigm of Real-Time Systems (Compse 2020)

Emerging Technologies for Next Generation Internet of Things (IoTaaS 2020)

Forthcoming Intelligence in the Internet of Things (IoT) Era

Intelligent and Innovative Solutions for Future Communication Networks

Intelligent Collaboration under Internet of Things and Mobile Edge Computing (MobiCASE 2020)

Intelligent Hybrid Information System and its Application in Mobile World (ADHIP 2020)

Internet of things: Intelligent networks, communication and mobility (AdHocNets 2020)

Machine Learning for Remote/Mobile Multimedia

Modern Cyber-Physical System in Blockchain and its Applications

Recent Advance in Information Communications Technologies for Smart Applications (SGIoT 2020) 

Recent Trends in Smart Cities

Security challenges of innovative services and intelligent infrastructure ecosystem (Fabulous 2021)

SM 317 - Mobile Multimedia Communications: Theory, Technology and Progress (MOBIMEDIA 2021)

The Key Trends in B5G Technologies, Services and Applications (INISCOM 2021)