Managing Editors

Dr. Gillian Elizabeth Knight

Molecular Biology Reports Managing Editor

Gill_BWMolecular Biology Reports publishes a wide spectrum of papers from all areas of both molecular and cellular biology. We are keen to draw the attention of our readers to the latest techniques being developed to study different aspects of molecular biology research, as well as the current trends into research of all forms of life (from single-celled organisms to humans), and from basic research to clinically significant findings. We welcome any sound science submission that encompasses molecular and cellular biology investigations within the study.’

Gillian Knight was awarded a Doctorate from University College London (UK). The focus of her research, during and after her PhD, was purinergic signalling, starting from basic research which extended to a pathophysiological perspective during her post-doctoral research. As one of the Managing Editors of the journal, she will handle papers submitted on a variety of topics, across all fields of molecular and cellular biology. She is based in the UK.

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Dr. Rodrigo Soares Guimarães

Molecular Biology Reports Managing Editor

Image of Managing Editor Rodrigo“Logic takes you from point A to point B. Imagination takes you everywhere!” Albert Einstein.

Rodrigo Guimarães is a Biologist with a broad academic background in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. During his career as a researcher he worked with different model organisms, such as mammalian cells, yeast, and bacteria, performing fundamental research in areas that span from control of cell division to the study of autophagy. He works for the Springer Nature office in The Netherlands and he is one of the managing editors handling submissions.

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