Aims and scope

Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability will publish high quality research and review articles in the areas of applied probability that emphasize methodology and computing. Of special interest are articles in important areas of applications that include detailed case studies. Applied probability is a broad research area that is of interest to many scientists in diverse disciplines including: anthropology, biology, communication theory, economics, epidemiology, finance, linguistics, meteorology, operations research, psychology, quality control, reliability theory, sociology and statistics.

The following alphabetical listing of topics of interest to the journal is not intended to be exclusive but to demonstrate the editorial policy of attracting papers which represent a broad range of interests:

Asymptotic Approximations & Expansions
Combinatorial & Geometric Probability
Communication Networks
Extreme Value Theory
Image Analysis
Information Theory
Mathematical Physics
Molecular Biology
Monte Carlo Methods
Order Statistics
Queuing Theory
Reliability Theory
Stochastic Processes