Idea Corner

Marketing Letters will consider brief, Idea Corner papers that identify novel ideas and spark research and discussion. An “idea” should represent an initial thought, intended to stimulate or presage future research and a "corner" is a point at which significant change occurs. The purpose of an Idea Corner paper is to highlight new and emerging topics, identify the research questions to be explored, provide a conceptual treatment of why a particular marketplace phenomenon is important, novel, and worth pursuing further, and provide some preliminary evidence of the phenomenon.

An Idea Corner paper should not be simply a literature review or methodological piece. Instead, it should simply ask questions, suggest research topics, and provide some preliminary piece of evidence, either empirical or anecdotal, as to what a potential answer might be. The questionscan be theoretical or empirical in nature.

Process. Idea Corner papers will complement and be published alongside the journal’s current format of papers. We are currently accepting submissions of these new pieces.

These papers should be 1500 words or less and have a maximum of 10 references and one table and/or figure. Papers will be reviewed by one editor and one reviewer from the editorial review board. Reviews will be 150 words or less. Criteria for acceptance will simply focus on whether a significant portion of the readership will be newly stimulated to think about the topic and questions outlined. Papers will be reviewed once with a decision to either (conditionally) accept or reject. Accepted papers will appear in the first issue after acceptance. Submissions will be handled through the journal’s Editorial Manager by selecting the “Idea Corner” submission option.

We will be very sensitive to authors' interests in developing a more definitive piece for other journals (e.g. JM, JMR, JCR, Marketing Science). Our objective is to get a great idea out into the marketplace much in the same way that the proceedings of the early Marketing Science and ACR conferences once did.

For a complete description of Idea Corner papers along with a broader statement of the journal’s mission and its editorial policies, please see the editorial in the September 2017 issue.