Accademia Italiana di Economia Aziendale (AIDEA)

The Italian Academy of "Economia Aziendale" derives from the Academy of "Logismofili", founded in Neuer InhaltBologna in 1813, reconstituted in 1824 under the name Academy of Accountants. It relies on the conceptual pillars developed by the founder of “Economia Aziendale” Gino Zappa, who considered “Economia Aziendale” as the unitary body of the disciplines of Accounting, Management and Business Organization. The Academy has for its object the study, application, progress and dissemination of these disciplines by any initiative that allows the pursuit of the objective indicated, including those in support of training, research and teaching of young scholars, as well as any intervention with the relevant institutions and professional bodies to express opinions about businesses and any legislative proposal or public regulation relating to the implementation of economic and business content. Currently AIDEA has more than 750 academic members.

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