Letters Section Edited by K.A. Müller

Nobel Laureate K.A. Müller leads a section of the journal called “Letters.” These are short communications which are reviewed and published on an accelerated schedule.

More information for Letters contributors

The Letters section is reserved for the publication of novel and highly relevant short communications of interest to the superconductivity and novel magnetism community. Interested authors should select "Letters" from the drop-down menu on the Editorial Manager submission site and provide a brief justification for the choice of this article type. The manuscript and illustration styles are similar to those for regular papers. However the length of the typed text should be limited to not more than 10 double- or 1 ½- spaced pages to make four printed pages in the journal. Reviews will be handled on an expedited schedule. If accepted, Letters will be given a high priority for inclusion in the next available issue. If the manuscript is judged not suitable for this article category, but is not rejected, authors will be offered the option to expand their paper for resubmission to the journal as a regular manuscript.

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