Editor’s Selection

A new method of solving the many-body Schrödinger equation
V. M. Tapilin

Computer simulation of amino acid sorption on carbon nanotubes
L. S. Nechaeva, E. V. Butyrskaya, S. A. Zapryagaev

Weak hydrogen bonds in adsorption of nonrigid molecules on graphitized thermal carbon black
V. V. Varfolomeeva, A. V. Terentev

Ab initio study of the structure and electronic properties of magnesium and calcium nitrates and their crystal hydrates
Yu. N. Zhuravlev, D. V. Korabel`nikov

Electronic structure of functionalized thia- and calix[4]arenes
L. N. Mazalov, S. A. Lavrukhina, A. D. Fedorenko, G. I. Semushkina, A. V. Kalinkin

X-ray and x-ray electron spectroscopy of new materials
V. I. Vovna, E. P. Domashevskaya, A. V. Okotrub

Comparative characteristics of a tryptophan molecule in the gas phase and water
I. V. Krauklis, A. V. Tulub, A. A. Shtyrov

Molecular kinetic aspects of vaporization of volatile coordination compounds with organic ligands
V. V. Lukashov, M. S. Makarov, S. N. Makarova, I. K. Igumenov

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