Journal updates

  • Journal of Religion and Health "Articles of the Year 2021"

    We are happy to announce the following articles have been awarded by the JORH Editors as "JORH Articles of the Year 2021". Congratulations to the authors and their affiliated institutions.

    Tomás, C., & Rosa, P. J. (2021). Validation of a scale of religious and spiritual coping (RCOPE) for the Portuguese population. Journal of Religion and Health60(5), 3510–3529.

    Feng, J., Li, Y., Sun, Y., Wang, L., Qi, W., Wang, K. T., & Xue, Y. (2021). The Chinese spiritual coping scale: Development and initial psychometric evaluation. Journal of Religion and Health60(1), 458-474.

    These articles were deemed the most noteworthy of all those published across the six issues of the Journal of Religion and Health 2021 volume-year.