Thank you to our Early Career Researchers

In 2019 the journal published 8 papers by ECRs covering a wide range of topics including the application of new molecular techniques, taxonomy, and use of multi-proxy paleolimnological techniques to address issues of eutrophication, climate change and water-level variation, as well as lake evolution. The authors’ affiliations include USA, Canada, Europe and Central and South America. Congratulations to our ECRs and we welcome more submissions from our young researchers.

Enjoy free-access to these papers for a period of 8 weeks!

Arnold T.E., Brenner M., Kenney W.F. & Bianchi T.S. (2019) Recent trophic state changes of selected Florida lakes inferred from bulk sediment geochemical variables and biomarkers. J Paleolimnol 62:409–423.

Garces-Pastor S., Wangensteen O.S., Perez-Haase  A., Pelachs A., Perez-Obiol R., Canellas-Bolta N., Mariani S. & Vegas-Vilarrubia T. (2019) DNA metabarcoding reveals modern and past eukaryotic communities in a high-mountain peat bog system. J Paleolimnol 62:425–441.

Gibson D.K., Bird B.W., Wattrus N.J., Escobar J., Ahmed M., Fonseca H., Velasco F., Fernandez A. & Polissar P.J.  (2019) Characterizing late Quaternary lake-level variability in Lago de Tota, Colombian Andes, with CHIRP seismic stratigraphy. J Paleolimnol 62:319–335.

Grochocki K.K., Lane C.S. &. Stager J.C.  (2019) An 1800-year record of environmental change from the southern Adirondack Mountains, New York (USA). J Paleolimnol 62:301–314.

Guzman-Gonzalez J., Sial A.N., Piovesan E.K., Oliveira E.V. & Fambrini G.L. (2020) Paleolimnological reconstruction of a marginal area of Jurassic Capianga Lake, Jatobá Basin, northeast Brazil. J Paleolimnol 63:113–128.

Krywy-Janzen A., Reinhardt E., McNeill-Jewer C., Coutino A., Waltham B., Stastna M., Rissolo D., Meacham S. & van Hengstum P. (2019) Water-level change recorded in Lake Pac Chen Quintana Roo, Mexico infers connection with the aquifer and response to Holocene sea-level rise and Classic Maya droughts. J Paleolimnol 62:373–388.

Wengrat S., Bennion H., Alves de Lima Ferreira P., Figueira R.C.L. &. Bicudo D.C. (2019) Assessing the degree of ecological change and baselines for reservoirs: challenges and implications for management. J Paleolimnol 62:337–357.

Wojewodka M., Sinev A.Y., Zawisza E. & Stanczak J. (2020) A guide to the identification of subfossil chydorid Cladocera (Crustacea: Branchiopoda) from lake sediments of Central America and the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico – Part II. J Paleolimnol 63:37–64.

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