*CLOSED* Special Issue on the Science of Laughter

Deadline for submission: September 15, 2021

The Journal of Nonverbal Behavior invites manuscripts for a Special Issue on the Science of Laughter. Although studies integrating humor and laughter are welcome, this issue is intended to advance our scientific understanding of laughter in its own right. This special issue welcomes empirical and theoretical papers from anthropology, communication, psychology. ethology, biology, affective science, relationship science, and others with an eye toward integrating disparate literatures on this interesting topic.

All papers must be submitted with a cover letter and cover page indicating that the author(s) wishes the manuscript to be considered for publication in the Special Issue on Laughter.

Manuscripts will be peer-reviewed following standard journal procedures.

Manuscript requirements:

Follow editorial guidelines of the Journal of Nonverbal Behavior.

Manuscripts for the special issue should be submitted through the regular journal website, https://www.editorialmanager.com/jonb/default.aspx.

The aims and scope of the Journal of Nonverbal Behavior are available at https://www.springer.com/journal/10919.

For further inquiries: 

Questions may be addressed to the special issue editor Dr. Sally Farley at sfarley@ubalt.edu.