Call for Papers: COVID-19

During this time of unprecedented pandemic, social distancing, and self-quarantine, calls are growing for greater attention to increased family violence as an unintended consequence of efforts to lessen COVID-19 and its impacts.

Given the lack of practice-based, policy-based, and research-based evidence about these important issues, the Journal of Family Violence invites all types of articles– commentaries, brief notes, research articles– on the topics of COVID-19 and its relationship to family violence.

The journal welcomes articles concerning the relationship of COVID-19 to all forms of family violence, including child maltreatment, dating violence, elder mistreatment, intimate partner violence, and sexual violence.

Given the importance and timeliness of these topics, as the editor-in-chief, I will make all efforts to ensure a speedy peer review and publication (if accepted) of such manuscripts. Please contact me ( with questions.