Call for Papers

2021 Focus Issue on The Chemical Ecology of Predator-Prey Interactions
Guest Edited by Sara Hermann, Jennifer Thaler
Deadline for Submission: January 15, 2021
Anticipated Publication Date: June 2021

In this special feature, we will examine the ways in which chemical cues, derived from predators, prey or the broader environment mediate or modulate predator-prey interactions. The goal is to present approaches and systems that are changing our fundamental understanding of how predators influence prey populations in both natural and applied contexts with a special focus on the impact of predation risk. We hope to gain a greater understanding of how chemical ecology might provide unifying trends across taxa and help shape how we approach multi-trophic interactions and food-web theory.

Suggested Topics (but not limited to): 1/ Predator cues and their influence on prey ecology; 2/ The impact of prey alarm cues on predator success or prey escape; 3/ The influence of plant defensive chemistry on predator-prey dynamics. Reviews or original research papers are welcome.

Authors interested in contributing should indicate this in the cover letter when submitting papers online at

Please contact Sara Hermann (, or Jennifer Thaler ( for more information.