Stephen E. Rees, PhD
Respiratory and Critical Care Group (RCARE)
Aalborg University

Associate Editors:

Jan Hendrickx
Department of Anesthesiology
OLV Hospital
Aalst, Belgium

Bernd Saugel
Department of Anesthesiology
University Medical Center
Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany

Thomas Scheeren
Department of Anesthesiology
University Medical Center, Groningen
The Netherlands

Stanley Skinner
Department of Intraoperative Monitoring
Abbott Northwestern Hospital
Minneapolis, MN

Tom C.R.V. Van Zundert
Department of Anesthesiology
OLV Hospital
Aalst, Belgium

Society Representatives:

NAVAt - Philip Peyton, Melbourne, Australia

ESCTAIC - Stephen Rees, Aalborg, Denmark
(European Society for Computing and Technology in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care)

STA - Kirk Shelley, New Haven, CT
(Society for Technology in Anesthesia)

SCAI - Sven Zenker, Pittsburgh, PA
(Society for Complex Acute Illness)

Editorial Board:

Neurophysiological Monitoring

Gracee Agrawal, Cleveland Heights, OH
Martin Bootin, Houston, TX
Bikash Bose, Newark, DE
Jorgen Bruhn, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Dennis Drummond, Philadelphia, PA
David Houlden, Toronto, Canada
Mike Jaffe, Cheshire, CT
Ville Jantti, Tampere, Finland
Mathieu Jeanne, Lille, France
Christian Jeleazcov, Erlangen, Bavaria, Germany
David MacDonald, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Sylvia Pelayo, Lille, France
Anthony K. Sestokas, Nashville, TN
J. Richard Toleikis, Chicago, IL
Leo Towle, Chicago, IL
Charles D. Yingling, Stanford, CA

Cardiovascular Monitoring

Maxime Cannesson,Orange, CA
Lester AH Critchley,Shatin, Hong Kong
Thomas Desaive,Liege Belgium
Azriel Perel,Tel Aviv, Israel
Steffen Rex,Leuven, Belgium
Bernd Saugel,Hamburg, Germany
Niels Secher,Copenhagen, Denmark
Kirk Shelley,New Haven, CT
Michael Shabot,Los Angeles, CA
Richard Teplick,Mobile, AL
Simon Vistisen,Aarhus, Denmark

Pulmonary Monitoring

Jason H. Bates, Burlington, VT
Ron Dueck, La Jolla, CA
Mike Jaffe, Cheshire, CT
Dan S. Karbing, Aalborg, Denmark
Steffen Leonhardt, Aachen, Germany
Gaetano Perchiazzi, Uppsala, Sweden

Glucose Monitoring and Regulation

Geoff Chase, Christchurch, New Zealand

Cellular Monitoring

Egbert G. Mik, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Distance Education and e-Learning

Vincenzo Lanza, Siracusa, Italy

AIMS, Decision Support Systems and Internet Technology

Rene Hagenouw, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Alan Morris, Murray, UT
Mohamed Rehman, Philadelphia, PA
Kevin K. Tremper, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ergonomics Workflow and Human Factors

John Doyle, Cleveland, OH
Wolfgang Friesdorf, Berlin, Germany
Ingo Marsolek, Berlin, Germany
Keith J. Ruskin Westport, CT

Airway Management

Davide Cattano, Houston, TX
Edwin Seet, Singapore