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Each issue, the Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine features a visually striking figure or image on its cover. To further highlight this, we will be collecting them here.

November 2021


Figure Taken From:

Resistance fracture of minimally prepared endocrowns made by three types of restorative materials: a 3D finite element analysis
By Qingzhen Meng, Yuejiao Zhang, Danlu Chi, Qimei Gong & Zhongchun Tong 

October 2021

Vol 32 Iss 10

Figure taken from:

Influence of lactide vs glycolide composition of poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) polymers on encapsulation of hydrophobic molecules: molecular dynamics and formulation studies
By Anurag Dobhal, Ashu Srivastav, Prajakta Dandekar & Ratnesh Jain 

September 2021

Cover 9-21

Figure taken from:

Biomimetic mineralisation systems for in situ enamel restoration inspired by amelogenesis
By Jue Wang, Zhihui Liu, Bingyu Ren, Qian Wang, Jia Wu, Nan Yang, Xin Sui, Lingfeng Li, Meihui Li, Xiao Zhang, Xinyue Li & Bowei Wang 

August 2021


Figure taken from:

Quercetin modified electrospun PHBV fibrous scaffold enhances cartilage regeneration
By Wei Chen, Yongsheng Li, Yuting Huang, Yao Dai, Tingfei Xi, Zheng Zhou & Hairong Liu 

July 2021

Cover 7-2021

Figure taken from:

Stable sol–gel hydroxyapatite coating on zirconia dental implant for improved osseointegration
By Jinyoung Kim, In-Gu Kang, Kwang-Hee Cheon, Sungmi Lee, Suhyung Park, Hyoun-Ee Kim & Cheol-Min Han 

June 2021

Cover 6-2021

Figure taken from:

Tissue reaction to novel customized calcium silicate cement based dental implants. A pilot study in the dog
By Amir Fakhrzadeh, Mohammad Ali Saghiri, Steven M. Morgano & Andrew Sullivan 

May 2021

Cover 5-2021

Figure taken from:

Synthesis of a PVA drug delivery system for controlled release of a Tramadol–Dexketoprofen combination
By Juan Carlos Flores-Arriaga, Daniel Chavarría-Bolaños, Amaury de Jesús Pozos-Guillén, Vladimir Alonso Escobar-Barrios & Bernardino Isaac Cerda-Cristerna 

April 2021

Cover 4-21

Figure taken from:

A composite scaffold of Wharton’s jelly and chondroitin sulphate loaded with human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells repairs articular cartilage defects in rat knee
By Zhong Li, Yikang Bi, Qi Wu, Chao Chen, Lu Zhou, Jianhong Qi, Di Xie, Hongqiang Song, Yunning Han, Pengwei Qu, Kaihong Zhang, Yadi Wu & Qipu Yin 

March 2021

cover 3-21

Figure taken from:

Developing a novel functional disc emulator to investigate the nucleus pulposus replacement
By Hassan M. Raheem, Skip E. Rochefort & Brian K. Bay 

February 2021

Cover 2-2021

Figure taken from:

A novel polymeric fibrous microstructured biodegradable small-caliber tubular scaffold for cardiovascular tissue engineering
By Andreas Dimopoulos, Dionysios N. Markatos, Athina Mitropoulou, Ioannis Panagiotopoulos, Efstratios Koletsis & Dimosthenis Mavrilas 

January 2021

Cover 1-2021

Figure taken from:

Regenerative medicine for skeletal muscle loss: a review of current tissue engineering approaches
By Benjamin Langridge, Michelle Griffin & Peter E. Butler