Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine has moved to full OA

In order to best serve our authors and readers and to meet research funder requirements, the Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine has moved to full Open Access (OA) publication from 2021 on.
By publishing open access, your work is open to all: it can be read, used, and built upon by researchers worldwide. On average, open access articles benefit from 4 times more downloads and 1.6 times more citations than articles behind a paywall.

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*Note on archive articles: Subscription-based articles published prior to 2021 remain purchasable for instant access, and rights and permissions remain under original copyright. All open access articles prior to 2021 remain open access and are under a Creative Commons license. Please see “Reprints and Permissions” at the end of each article for details on reusing content.

How to fund your OA article in JMSM

Springer Nature has agreements with a growing number of national and regional consortia and individual institutions that cover full or partial APCs from their researchers.  You can find more information at  Other institutions also fully fund full OA publications, and maybe you have other ways to benefit from (partial) funding for APC costs related to full OA publication.  Springer Nature's free open access support service is available to provide more detailed assistance (

We automatically grant full APC waivers to papers whose corresponding authors are based in countries classified by the World Bank as low-income economies as of July 2020.  Papers whose corresponding authors are based in countries with lower-middle-income economies and with a 2019 gross domestic product (GDP) of less than 200 billion US dollars are eligible for a 50% discount (reference - World Bank 1st July 2020).  If your country is not on the list of countries where we automatically grant a waiver or discount we also have a discretionary waiver program for authors who are not from one of these countries but who are unable to cover the APC.  Please include as much documentation as possible demonstrating your budget constraints in your discretionary hardship waiver request.

See Highlighted OA Articles

Impact of gold nanoparticles shape on their cytotoxicity against human osteoblast and osteosarcoma in in vitro model. Evaluation of the safety of use and anti-cancer potential

By: Karol P. Steckiewicz, Ewelina Barcinska, Anna Malankowska, Agata Zauszkiewicz–Pawlak, Grzegorz Nowaczyk, Adriana Zaleska-Medynska & Iwona Inkielewicz-Stepniak 

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Overview of natural hydrogels for regenerative medicine applications

By: Marta Calvo Catoira, Luca Fusaro, Dalila Di Francesco, Martina Ramella & Francesca Boccafoschi 

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Salmon fibrinogen and chitosan scaffold for tissue engineering: in vitro and in vivo evaluation

By: Ivo Laidmäe, Kaspars Ērglis, Andrejs Cēbers, Paul A. Janmey & Raivo Uibo 

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Human hair keratins promote the regeneration of peripheral nerves in a rat sciatic nerve crush model

By: Jianyi Gao, Lei Zhang, Yusheng Wei, Tianyan Chen, Xianyan Ji, Kai Ye, Jiahong Yu, Bin Tang, Xiaochun Sun & Jiabo Hu 

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Bio-inspired melanin nanoparticles induce cancer cell death by iron adsorption

By: James Perring, Felicity Crawshay-Williams, Cindy Huang & Helen E Townley 

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An important step towards a prevascularized islet microencapsulation device: in vivo prevascularization by combination of mesenchymal stem cells on micropatterned membranes

By: Milou Groot Nibbelink, Katarzyna Skrzypek, Lisanne Karbaat, Sanne Both, Jacqueline Plass, Bettie Klomphaar, Jéré van Lente, Sieger Henke, Marcel Karperien, Dimitrios Stamatialis & Aart van Apeldoorn 

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Poly(amidoamine)-alginate hydrogels: directing the behavior of mesenchymal stem cells with charged hydrogel surfaces

By: André Schulz, Alisa Katsen-Globa, Esther J. Huber, Sabine C. Mueller, Asger Kreiner, Norbert Pütz, Michael M. Gepp, Benjamin Fischer, Frank Stracke, Hagen von Briesen, Julia C. Neubauer & Heiko Zimmermann 

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