The Journal of Materials Science Celebrates its 1,000th Issue

In 1966, Dr. Robert Wolfgang Cahn founded the Journal of Materials Science to advance and develop the field of Materials Science. Since then, the journal has grown, becoming multinational and publishing 36 issues per year.

We at Springer Nature and the Journal of Materials Science wish to thank all of the countless authors who have contributed to this journal, the efforts of our editorial staff over the years, the hard work and dedication of our reviewers for ensuring the integrity of the scientific process, and you, our readers, who helped grow the journal and keep it strong for 54 years.

In honor of this tremendous accomplishment, we are publishing a Special 1,000th Issue, to reflect on some of our most impactful articles:

Celebrating 1000 Issues

Editorial By Editor-in-Chief C. Barry Carter, and Editors M. Grant Norton & Christopher F. Blanford 

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A step forward from high-entropy ceramics to compositionally complex ceramics: a new perspective

Review by Andrew J. Wright & Jian Luo

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A versatile route to edge-specific modifications to pristine graphene by electrophilic aromatic substitution

Article by Philippa M. Shellard, Thunyaporn Srisubin, Mirja Hartmann, Joseph Butcher, Fan Fei, Henry Cox, Thomas P. McNamara, Trevor McArdle, Ashley M. Shepherd, Robert M. J. Jacobs, Thomas A. Waigh, Sabine L. Flitsch & Editor Christopher F. Blanford 

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High-throughput determination of high-quality interdiffusion coefficients in metallic solids: a review

Article by Jing Zhong, Li Chen & Lijun Zhang 

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