Call for Papers on New Trends in Sustainable and Green Manufacturing

The Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing is seeking submissions to a forthcoming Special Issue on New Trends in Sustainable and Green Manufacturing.

Aims and Scope

Climatic changes are making a great impact in our planet; this is the most important happening of our generation. There is war going on between the industries and manufacturing sector demanding for a cheapest and fastest production with high quality, but does the process consider the environmental factors is a big question. The increase in the utilization of fueled vehicles and the emission of carbon due to the vehicles are unimaginable and unstoppable. The emission of carbon is happening due to the huge consumption of fossil fuels used in the generation of fuels.

In the manufacturing sector the possibilities of giving a good and better product has been increasing on a day to day basis. Due to the high operations involved in the manufacturing process the energy consumed in the process is enormous which in turn releases an increased amount of green house gases. In order to reduce the emission of environmentally degrading gases green and sustainable ways of manufacturing process is the only solution to overcome the problem. The future of a successful organization relies on the integration of environmental related factors into the production process. Manufacturers can implement Internet of things in the production process so that the data is collected from all the areas can be processed and in turn used to improve product quality, increase production efficiencies, and resource utilization. It can be used in advanced sensing and predictive control mechanism on a real time basis.

Sustainable and Green Manufacturing may be related to each other but they differ in the basic principles. Green manufacturing mostly focuses on the use of minimum energy to attain the maximum productivity with a considerably lesser waste by which the environmental pollution can be reduced to a great extend. The main goal of Green Manufacturing is sustainability. Sustainability is making the whole process of the operation without harming the environment. Use of sustainable materials in the manufacturing process can make the utilization of energy more effective and keep the environment healthier for the future generation. Urgency arises in adapting and implementing the emerging industrial trend with a right balance between the sustainable and green manufacturing.

New advanced trends with sustainable measures is the need of the hour, by adopting some methods like lean manufacturing process, zero emission strategies, implementing Internet of things, using advanced embedded technologies in industries with environmental management systems and many more can improve the manufacturing process sustainably. This special issue on “New trends in Sustainable and Green Manufacturing” will focus towards building a product life cycle process with sustainable development and by adopting green manufacturing standards which can be applied across any manufacturing domain. The following topics are welcome but not restricted to:

  • Principles, Applications and Directions of Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Drivers and barriers for implementation of Sustainable and Green strategies in manufacturing companies
  • The Adoption of Sustainable Manufacturing Practices as a successful Business Strategy 
  • The impacts of lean production integrated with IoT for achieving green manufacturing standard
  • A review on Methodology and its Application on Green Manufacturing
  • Futuristic possibilities of adopting environmentally conscious manufacturing process
  • Role of IoT to enable Sustainability in Manufacturing Systems
  • A study on the sustainable concept of zero-emission manufacturing
  • Recent trends in low carbon manufacturing strategies and systems
  • Advances in Internet of Things (IoT) in green manufacturing
  • A study on value creation by adopting sustainable design and manufacturing techniques
  • Cause and Effects of implementing Internet of things for sustainability performance in manufacturing


Last Date for Manuscript Submission: 14 August, 2020
Notification to Authors: 18 October, 2020
Revised Manuscript Due: 27 December, 2020
Decision Notification: 28 February, 2021

Guest Editors

Dr. Ching-Hsien Hsu (Managing Guest Editor)
Department of Computer Science
Asia University, Taiwan

Dr. AmAmir H. Alavi
Swanson School of Engineering
University of Pittsburgh, USA

Dr. Mianxiong Dong  
Department of Sciences and Informatics
Muroran Institute of Technology, Japan