Application for the Special Issue of the Journal of Academic Ethics

General note: The Special Issue of the Journal of Academic Ethics (JAET) should consist of at least eight high-quality peer-reviewed papers. All papers should fit the JAET aims and scope.

JAET is committed to upholding the integrity of the scientific record. As a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) the JAET follows the COPE guidelines. Editorial control is delegated to the guest editor(s); therefore, compliance with guidelines for authors and COPE guidelines is within the responsibility of guest editor(s).

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Submit your application Dr Loreta Tauginienė, Editor-in-Chief of the JAET,

1. Indicate the title of the Special Issue. Describe how the Special Issue fits aims and scope of the JAET (up to 100 words).

2. Describe the relevance of the special topic(s) or common theme of the Special Issue (up to 500 words). Describe rationale and motivation. Include an explanation why research topic(s) is emerging. Explain how a coherent collection will be ensured. Highlight the advances that papers might provide in relation to existing knowledge and any novelty.

3. Describe the potential impact of the Special Issue (up to 150 words). 

Explain which stakeholders will benefit from the Special Issue and how they will benefit.

Explain how the research published in the Special Issue contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals which are also encouraged by Springer Nature’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Programme. If so, please specify the relevant goals.

4. Describe potential contributors (up to 200 words).

5. Indicate an invited paper (if applicable) (up to 100 words). If applicable, indicate the name of author, his/her affiliation, title of his/her paper and a short abstract.

6. Indicate whether an editorial note will be contributed by the Guest Editor(s). If so, include an abstract.

7. Describe shortly bios of the Corresponding Guest Editor and, if applicable, Guest Editor(s). Describe relationship among Guest Editors and track records of collaboration together (up to 500 words). Include a short biography (including experience in editing). Indicate institutional e-mail address, affiliation, fields of interest. Remind that at least one Guest Editor should be internationally renowned expert in the topic(s) of the suggested Special Issue.

8. Describe how the call for papers to the Special Issue will be promoted. Consider how in terms of diversity, equity, and inclusion a balance of geographical spread and author gender will be ensured (up to 150 words).

9. Suggest a tentative schedule for the Special Issue (up to 200 words).  Indicate date of the call for papers published online, date of expected first submission, date first review round completed, date revised manuscripts due, date completion of the review and revision process (final notification) and other important information. Remind that a reviewer is expected to accept to review an assigned manuscript within 28 days; if not accepted, this reviewer is uninvited and other reviewer is invited. Reviewers are asked to submit their review within 35 days.

10. References