K.T. Arasu's 65th Birthday - Deadline February 1, 2020

Special Issue of the Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics in Honor of the 65th Birthday of Professor K. T. Arasu

The special issue is intended to be a collection of papers reflecting the intersections of the mathematics of Professor K. T. Arasu and the areas of interest of the Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics. We are soliciting submissions reporting on current research in the appropriate areas.  Authors who are interested to submit a survey article are kindly asked to contact the guest editors in advance. Articles on areas in which progress has been reported at the Conference Sequences, Codes and Designs (ArasuFest), held from 1 to 4 August 2019, in Kalamata, Greece organized in honor of the 65th Birthday of Professor K. T. Arasu, are most appropriate. All papers will be strictly  refereed according to the standards of the Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics.

List of Possible Topics
Researchers are invited to submit papers broadly related to algebraic combinatorics. Potential topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Combinatorial design theory
  • Finite sequences
  • Coding theory
  • Difference sets and generalizations
  • Algebraic aspects of graph theory
  • Hadamard matrices
  • Quadratic forms
  • Finite geometry
  • Applicable algebra

Submission Procedure and Important Dates
Papers should be submitted at the Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics website: https://www.editorialmanager.com/jaco/default.aspx

  1. Select Article Type: Manuscript
  2. Uplaod your files
  3. When the system asks, "Does this manuscript belong to a special issue?" reply: Yes, then choose the option "ArasuFest"
  4. Complete the remainder of the submission process as required.

Paper submission deadline: February 1, 2020
Revision submission deadline: September 1, 2020
Notification of decision (approx.): November 1, 2020

Individual accepted papers are made available online on the Springer website soon after acceptance; publication date of print version will be determined when the entire collection is finalized. For further inquiries, please contact the Guest Editors listed below.

Guest Editors
Dean Crnković University of Rijeka, Croatia, deanc@math.uniri.hr
Ka Hin Leung, National University of Singapore, Singapore, matlkh@nus.edu.sg
Alexander Pott, Otto von Guericke University, Germany,  alexander.pott@ovgu.de

For all information in one page kindly download the PDF below:

JACO - Call for Papers - Special Issue Arasu 2020 (pdf, 71.32 kB)