Call for Papers on Disruptive Technologies and Innovations for Social Media Marketing

Information Technology and Management is seeking submissions to a forthcoming Special Issue on Disruptive Technologies and Innovations for Social Media Marketing.

Aims and Scope

In today's scenario of the competitive business world, to be successful with the advanced computing era of the internet and technology, developing effective marketing plans and regulatory measures has become a crucial requirement. Social media marketing is a driving force of business applications with improved user engagement and marketing strategies. In general, social media marketing is an effective way of making content to support business and products through various social media platforms and applications. However, a common myth is that the relationship between the marketing brand and the consumer changes tremendously with various means of advertisements and marketing strategies. It has the potential to control the power of consumers as well as enterprises in a more dramatic way. Social media marketing provides an appropriate solution to the business professionals through which they analyze the likes and dislikes of the target customers and enhances their business strategies most efficiently.

Currently, social media marketing has tremendous impacts on business applications with improved performance and cost-efficiency measures. It offers an infinite number of benefits to the business organizations, which includes improved customer insights, providing a better quality of services, improved cost efficiency, interoperability, establishing brand awareness with enhanced sales and marketing strategies. Greater exposure to social networking sites attracts more customers to the company through which the occasional customers can be transferred into actual customers of the company. However, finding consumer demographics, preferences, and activities are often difficult when dealing with conventional tools and methodologies. In this context, disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, Internet of Things, big data analytics, and machine learning approaches, if used wisely, can bring an potential breakthrough in present-day social media marketing techniques. Since these techniques are fast-growing, bringing in possible innovations can significantly enhance various business activities and assists in effective ways to promote their business products among their target audience with improved economic and social values. In this regard, this special issue intents to bring innovations in disruptive technologies for social media marketing and business enhancement processes. We welcome researchers from various backgrounds to provide novel and innovative, disruptive technological solutions for social media marketing. List of topics for the special issue include but not limited to the following:

  • Impact of disruptive technologies over social media marketing and its consequences
  • Sustainable social media marketing with innovations in disruptive technologies and future enhancements
  • Role of disruptive technologies in information management and data analytics in social media marketing
  • Trend analysis with big data and artificial intelligence for social media marketing
  • Role of disruptive technologies in global social media marketing strategy development and significances
  • Disruptive technologies for sustainable product development and market growth
  • Towards alternative of traditional business methodologies with social media marketing using innovations and developments in social media marketing
  • Impact of current and future disruptive techniques over social media marketing
  • Benefits, realizations, and social implications of disruptive technologies over social media marketing from a future perspective
  • Advances in multicultural society from a business perspective with social media marketing and disruptive technologies

Manuscript Preparation

We expect full-length submissions with a sufficient level of rigor consistent with the high standard of the journal. The submission can use any appropriate method to analyze problems: analysis of data, mathematical analysis, game theories, etc. The authors should try to keep the papers to be no longer than 38 pages double-spaced in a font size of 11 and in Word or PDF format. Please follow the detailed submission guidelines provided at When answering submission questions, you will specify that your submission is for this special issue.

Submission Timeline

First-round decision: June 30, 2021
Deadline for Revised Papers: August 30, 2021
Final Acceptance: October 15, 2021

Guest Editors

Dr. Ali Kashif Bashir
Department of Computing and Mathematics
Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom

Dr. M. Omair Shafiq
Carleton School of Information Technology
Carleton University, Canada

Dr. Nawab Muhammad Faseeh Qureshi
Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea

Dr. Muhammad Shafiq
Guangzhou University, China

Dr. Haiyang Feng
Tianjin University, China

Dr. Quan (Ben) Zheng
University of Science and Technology of China, China.