Journal updates

  • Special Issue: Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Conflict Resolution

    The focus of this special issue is on theoretical and practical computational approaches for solving and understanding conflict resolution using artificial intelligence techniques. More specifically, the focus is on novel studies concerning models and applications of conflict resolution between software entities or agents, software agents and humans, and/or humans facilitated by computational models and tools

  • 2019 GDN Springer Awards

    In 2019 Springer Nature provided a grant to GDN Section of INFORMS for four individual awards amounting to a combined total of USD 1500.00. Upon the recommendation and approval of the Editor-in-Chief, the awards are granted during the annual INFORMS GDN conference to the recipients in the name of the Publisher. 

  • Guidelines for Special Issues

    The Editorial Board of the Group Decision and Negotiation Journal encourages and initiates occasional publication of Special Issues (SI). The guidelines are detailed here.


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