Guidelines for Special Issues

The Editorial Board of the Group Decision and Negotiation Journal encourages and initiates occasional publication of Special Issues (SI). Below are guidelines for Guest Editors.

Preparing a Proposal
Guest Editors should prepare a proposal for the Special Issue and submit it to the Editor‐in‐Chief. The proposal should contain the following information:
- Tentative title for the SI and an abbreviated title used in online Editorial Manager (EM).
- A one‐page outline with the objectives of the Special Issue and a call for papers
- Tentative time schedule and the initial list of potential contributors
- Name of a Departmental Editor or a senior Associate Editor who will acts as the SI Co‐Editor or the Coordinating Editor. This is a requirement for SI Editors who are not the Editorial Board members.

Upon approval, an account is created in EM to which every Guest Editor have access. The account name is the SI abbreviated title.

Inviting Authors
The Call for Papers (with SI outline) is posted on the Journal web page. It contains the deadlines and an abbreviated title used by the authors to submit their manuscripts in EM. The submission deadline must be at least 9 weeks after the Call for Papers is posted.
Guest Editors select authors and invite them to submit manuscripts for the SI of the highest quality in terms of scientific content and presentation. They should also ensure that all articles submitted conform to the editorial and publication policies of the Journal.

Submissions Procedure
Authors must submit their papers for the Special Issue via the online EM
( They need to indicate in EM that the paper should be assigned to the SI. Each manuscript submitted must be original and not published elsewhere. The Authors responsibility is to follow “Instructions for Authors” available on the Journal web site

Reviewing Process
Guest Editors use EM for the reviewing process. Every submission must be peer reviewed by at least two experts in the field.
When the referees’ reports have been received, the Guest Editors will be asked to make the initial decision, and send the manuscript for revisions, if necessary. The Guest Editors’ final recommendation to accept or reject a paper, must be made jointly with the Board Representative.

Guest Editors are required to submit an introduction for the Special Issue. They advise the Journal’s office about the order in which they wish the articles to appear.

A special issue has no fewer than 5 articles. If the number of accepted manuscripts is lower than 5, then they will be published as regular papers.

Please contact Gregory E. Kersten, Editor‐in‐Chief (