2019 GDN Springer Awards

In 2019 Springer Nature provided a grant to GDN Section of INFORMS for four individual awards amounting to a combined total of USD 1500.00. Upon the recommendation and approval of the Editor-in-Chief, the awards are granted during the annual INFORMS GDN conference to the recipients in the name of the Publisher. 

The 2019 GDN Conference took place in Loughborough, England.

2019 GDN Springer Best Paper Award 

Winner: Y. Fang, H. Xu, M. Perc & S. Chen 
for: The Effect of Conformists’ Behavior on Cooperation in the Spatial Public Goods Game. 

Runner up: Q. Han, G. Ke & Y. Zhu 
for: Evaluating the Risks Associated with Applying Public-Private-Partnership in Brownfields Remediation Projects in China

2019 GDN Springer Young Researcher Award 

Winner: M.F. Kaya 
for: Application of Data Mining Methods for Pattern Recognition in Negotiation Support Systems 

Paper written with M. Schoop 

Runner up: T. Gherman 
for: Managing Resistance in Group Decision Support: Preliminary Findings from a Study of Client-consultant Interactions in a Progress Meeting 

Paper written with L.A. Franco & A. Carreras 

More information about the awards and awardees, and past and future GDN Conferences is available at the GDN INFORMS website.