Call for Papers: Unravelling Seed Physiology for Developing Dynamic Agriculture

Plant Growth Regulation invites you to submit to the special issue Unravelling Seed Physiology for Developing Dynamic Agriculture.

Seeds are essential in agriculture, particularly in crop production and have economic significance. Seed germination and seedling emergence is a very crucial phenomenon and includes important events such as imbibition, cell proliferation, cellular metabolism and radicle protrusion. The establishment of the “next crop” is fundamentally dependent upon the “seed performance”. The loss of seed germination as well as vigor can adversely affect crop production. Consequently, ensuring proper seed germination is one of the major objectives of botanists and agronomists. A lot of research has been done on various aspects of seed germination; however, very little information is available at the physiological and molecular level concerning elements that regulate seed germination of various plant species. Understanding plant seed physiology may provide a basis to develop sustainable alternatives to harmful chemical fertilizers and can lead to green agriculture. This special issue aims to provide cutting-edge research in understanding seed physiology for resilient and dynamic agriculture.

Manuscripts intended for this special issue should be submitted before the end of 30 April 2021 through the journal’s submission system (please select the special issue during the additional information stage of submission). Submitted manuscripts will undergo the standard evaluation and peer review process of Plant Growth Regulation. We look forward to your contributions.

Shubhpriya Gupta, University of KwaZulu Natal

Johannes Van Staden, University of KwaZulu Natal

Karel Doležal, Palacký University