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  • Reservoir Computing: Trends and Future Prospects

    Deep learning and machine learning techniques are at the forefront of Artificial Intelligent (AI) in various fields. One of the important computing methods used to overcome the training difficulty in deep learning and machine learning techniques is Reservoir Computing (RC).

    Guest Editors: Dr. Ahmed A. Abd El-Latif (Lead Guest Editor); Dr. Edmond Shu-lim Ho; Dr. Jialiang Peng

    Submission Deadline: April 15th 2022

    Download full details hereReservoir Computing: Trends and Future Prospects

  • Call for Papers: Decision Support Systems and Intelligent Algorithms for Industrial IoT and Big Data (Submission Deadline November 30th 2021)

    This topical collection aims to offer a systematic and most up-to-date overview, latest research trends, advanced research and mixed method approaches of this new research field. It aims to provide innovative Decision Support approaches, models, systems and algorithms to effectively support decision making in IIoT environments. It also includes platforms, applications and services for IIoT and Big Data, such as Industry 4.0, supply chain and smart manufacturing. The user and organizational adoption are also amongst our interests. It will provide a leading forum for disseminating the latest results of research, development, and applications in the area of Decision Support Systems and Algorithms (DSS) in IIoT and Big Data Environments. Advanced IIoT and its applications/services in Industry 4.0, integrated systems and smart algorithms are largely welcome. We select some top papers from IoTBDS 2021, COMPLEXIS 2021 and IIoTBDSC 2021, which require an extensive improvement prior submission. We also welcome a small number of high-quality paper submissions that are not presented at these conferences.

    Guest Editors: Prof. Victor Chang (Lead Guest Editor), Prof. Víctor Méndez Muñoz, Prof. Reinhold Behringer
    Submission Deadline: November 30th, 2021
    Download full details here:  Decision Support Systems and Intelligent Algorithms for Industrial IoT and Big Data

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