Aims and scope

Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution is devoted to all aspects of plant genetic resources research. It publishes original articles in the fields of taxonomical, morphological, physiological, biochemical, genetical, cytological or ethnobotanical research of genetic resources and includes contributions to gene-bank management in a broad sense, that means to collecting, maintenance, evaluation, storage and documentation.

Areas of particular interest include:

crop evolution
crop-weed relationships
related wild species
history of cultivated plants including palaeoethnobotany.

Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution also publishes short communications, e.g. newly described crop taxa, nomenclatural notes, reports of collecting missions, evaluation results of gene-bank material etc. as well as book reviews of important publications in the field of genetic resources.

Every volume will contain some review articles on actual problems. The journal is the internationalized continuation of the German periodical Die Kulturpflanze, published formerly by the Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research at Gatersleben, Germany.

All contributions are in the English language and are subject to peer reviewing.