In memoriam Prof. Thanu Padmanabhan (1957–2021)

Free access to selected articles and book chapters

New Content Item © Scipop CC BY-SA 4.0We mourn the unexpected passing of Thanu Padmanabhan (Paddy), eminent theoretical physicist, brilliant and beloved author. Our sympathy to his family. 

Read: "Prof. Padmanabhan: A Personal and Professional History"

His articles and wonderful books will live on – you can sample these for free until 21 October 2021: 

Selected book chapters: 

Making the Earth Move. In: The Dawn of Science. Springer, Cham, pp 117–126 (2019).

From Particles to Fields. In: Quantum Field Theory. Graduate Texts in Physics. Springer, Cham, pp 1–44 (2016).

Curved Spacetime for pedestrians. In: Sleeping Beauties in Theoretical Physics. Lecture Notes in Physics, vol 895. Springer, Cham,  pp 117–126 (2015).

Selected journal articles: 

Obtaining the non-relativistic quantum mechanics from quantum field theory: issues, folklores and facts. Eur. Phys. J. C 78, 563 (2018).

General relativity from a thermodynamic perspective. Gen Relativ Gravit 46, 1673 (2014).

Dark energy and gravity. Gen Relativ Gravit 40, 529–564 (2008).

Essay: The Holography of Gravity Encoded in a Relation Between Entropy, Horizon Area, and Action for Gravity. General Relativity and Gravitation 34, 2029–2035 (2002).

Planck length as the lower bound to all physical length scales. Gen Relat Gravit 17, 215–221 (1985).

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